Get rid of cellulite is now possible without problems and at home. To develop an individual program of action will help the best techniques aimed at correcting nutrition, increasing physical activity and the use of care, specific anti-cellulite procedures.

how to get rid of cellulite

The days of admiration for the magnificent corpulent female bodies are long gone. Modern women make every effort not to be like the buxom ladies from Rubens ‘ paintings. But a new problem comes to the fore – cellulite, with which girls are constantly fighting.

Healthy food

Relevance and causes of cellulite

The presence of orange peel was elevated to the category of medical pathologies only at the end of the last century. Prior to this, no scientific studies concerning pathological changes in subcutaneous tissue in women have been conducted. However, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries have done their job. Thanks to the promoted advertising companies today, every girl is familiar with the problem of tuberosity of the skin firsthand. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of cellulite at home has become quite topical.

Before starting active actions, it should be understood that the presence of tubercles on the skin is primarily associated with the peculiarities of the structure of subcutaneous tissue in women. It is the presence of parallel collagen cells, acting as a place of storage of fat, and do not have, as in men, cruciform partitions, is the main factor explaining the development of cellulite.

Unambiguously on progress pathologies is reflected genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, mistakes in nutrition and harmful addictions. But to completely eliminate natural changes, especially in neglected forms, is not under force today, neither doctors nor cosmetologists. This does not mean that getting rid of cellulite at home quickly is not realistic. But to cope with the problem will work, if time is not lost, and the body is not covered with a solid orange peel, visible to the naked eye and painful when touched, when, indeed, medical care is needed.

Methods to combat cellulite

To effectively combat cellulite at home will have to be patient. Treatment involves a set of measures that can affect the subcutaneous tissue from different sides.

Methods to combat cellulite

This correction of nutrition, water regime, and a special set of exercises, and anti-cellulite procedures. Only a comprehensive approach, using various methods of struggle, will improve the appearance of the skin and prevent the appearance of new changes.

Anti-cellulite nutrition, water regime

In fact, there is no anti-cellulite diet. Correction of nutrition, first of all, is aimed at getting rid of extra pounds and excretion of excess fluid from the body.

Therefore, it is advisable to reconsider your diet, giving up the use of fatty, smoked, salty and spicy dishes. We’ll have to forget about sweets, simple carbohydrates. All of these products contribute to the accumulation of body fat and fluid retention. The main rule in the fight against the hated fat-to find a middle ground between the energy consumed and consumed.

Anti-cellulite nutrition, water regime

One of the main roles in the formation of cellulite tubercles is played by the accumulation of intercellular fluid, which not only retains fat, but also poisons the body with decay products. Restore electrolyte balance and remove toxins will help ordinary water, which will have to drink at least 2 liters daily. Do not replace water with juices, tea and especially coffee, as these drinks are contraindicated in cellulite. It is better to replace them with herbal decoctions with a diuretic or laxative effect.

Cleanse the body will help fiber, which is enough in vegetables fruits and cereals. But you can add to the fitness diet additional doses of finished fiber or bran.

Anti-cellulite underwear

To judge unequivocally about this method of combating cellulite at home is quite difficult. In fact, any thermal underwear creates favorable conditions for the sauna effect, which in turn helps to warm up fat deposits. Such properties are provided by an airtight fabric containing latex or neoprene.

Anti-cellulite underwear

There is also a special underwear with a massage effect, which further enhances blood flow and stimulates local metabolic processes.

However, the effect of wearing such underwear can be expected not earlier than a couple of months, and for the complete elimination of orange peel, this method is not enough.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics

Today, the choice of anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage cosmetics is not just impressive. Every self-respecting cosmetic company tries to offer women a whole line of creams and gels, lotions and scrubs, mixtures for wraps. Of course, you can spend a decent amount on the purchase of advertised cosmetics, but you can use home recipes, which are not inferior to the effectiveness of ready-made funds.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics

In any case, such cosmetics should have a warming, toning and lymphatic drainage effect, for which it must contain certain components in the form of:

  1. caffeine, which is able to activate local metabolic processes, improve blood flow;
  2. red pepper, which has warming properties;
  3. essential oils of citrus, as well as juniper and cypress, lavender and cinnamon, which tones the skin and remove toxins;
  4. extracts of plants derived from green tea, grape seeds, mint, with lifting and toning effect;
  5. seaweed, stimulating the breakdown of fats and eliminate puffiness.

Choose the components included in anti-cellulite cosmetics must be strictly individual based on the type and sensitivity of the skin.

According to the reviews of many women, as well as practicing physicians, recently the most effective is the cream-wax is healthy.

Anti-cellulite baths

Cellulite baths-a pleasant and effective procedure, during which the skin is effectively heated, which promotes the penetration of active substances and helps in the fight against cellulite.

Anti-cellulite baths

At home you can cook:

  1. Milk bath, which in addition to providing a therapeutic effect will relax. For its preparation, a glass of milk is added to warm water, in which you can add a little essential oil.
  2. Take a milk bath for at least 20 minutes.
    Bath with clay, which need up to half a kilogram of blue or white clay, which is dissolved in warm water. This procedure, which is carried out for 20 minutes, will help restore blood flow, get rid of toxins and tone the skin.
  3. Vitulano. For its preparation, you will need ivy and rosemary, sage and lavender, horsetail. Take 300 grams of collection, steamed with boiling water and, having strained, pour into a hot bath. The procedure is carried out twice a week for 15 minutes.
  4. Fragrant bath. Citrus, bergamot, cinnamon oils are used. They must first be diluted in olive oil and added to a warm bath.

The temperature of any anti-cellulite bath should not exceed 38 degrees. After the procedure, it is desirable not to wipe the body, but to wrap a warm sheet and lie under the blanket, which will lengthen the process of fat burning.

Anti-cellulite massage

Massage is a great way to work out any problem area with cellulite marks. Before carrying out any massage procedure, the body is cleaned with the use of peeling agents, which help not only to remove dirt and dead skin particles, but also to warm up the skin.

Anti-cellulite massage

To enhance the effect of massage will help AIDS that can be purchased or made yourself. Especially popular is the classic, cupping and honey massage from cellulite at home:

For honey massage, bee nectar is applied directly to the hands. To enhance the effect, you can add lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lavender, juniper aromatic oil in honey from cellulite at home. With the help of patting movements, the product is evenly distributed over the skin.

After that, the palms are strongly pressed against the body and abruptly come off, gradually increasing the intensity of movements. Approximately 5-10 minutes on the palms should form a white mass-this indicates the correctness of all manipulations. After working through all areas, the product is washed off with normal warm water.

For vacuum massage at home, special banks are used, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or via the Internet. To learn how to properly perform all massage actions, you will have to make some effort and practice. With the help of vacuum cans, you can work out any problem areas, including legs and buttocks, stomach and hands. Before the massage, a special agent or oil is applied to the body. The jar is compressed by the hands, which helps to create a vacuum and joins the body.

vacuum massage

The device is led along the skin in a circular, longitudinal and transverse direction. The total duration of massage manipulations is about 20 minutes.

During the classical massage, various techniques are used in the form of stroking, patting, pinching, rubbing. Begin anti-cellulite procedure with non-intensive movements at a slow pace, gradually moving to a deeper study of problem areas.

classical massage

После любого массажа следует избегать выхода на улицу как минимум на протяжении часа.

Anti-cellulite wraps

There is a hot and cold type of wraps that have different effects on cellulite. Hot treatments help to improve blood flow, remove toxins and excess fluid, cold to tone and tighten the skin. Before any wrapping, water procedures are carried out with the use of cleaning agents or scrubs.

Anti-cellulite wraps

For the wrapping itself, you can use:

  • vinegar diluted with water;
  • mustard composition;
  • olive oil with the addition of anti-cellulite aromatic oils;
  • laminaria;
  • blue or white clay;
  • honey with the oils.

После нанесения средства, тело обматывается пленкой и утепляется шерстяной одеждой или платком. Длительность процедуры не должна быть меньше получаса. По окончании обертывания одежду и пленку убирают, смывают остатки состава в душе и наносят питательный крем.

Cellulite exercises

Of course, any anti-cellulite measures are not only useful, but also pleasant procedures. But it is impossible to get rid of body fat completely lying in a warm bath or on the couch with a film on the sides. The main rule in the fight against the hated fat bumps – as much movement as possible. And this will help special exercises that at home perfectly solve the problem of cellulite.

Hoop torsion

This simple device is the first assistant in the fight against orange peel. Regular twisting of the Hoop helps to solve a number of problems, namely:

  • eliminates stagnation of blood in the pelvis;
  • accelerates local metabolic processes;
  • it has a massage effect.
Hoop torsion

Without having experience, you can start with the torsion of the light version of the Hoop. In the future, it can be weighted by filling the device with sand or grits. It is desirable to twist the Hoop every other day for at least 20 minutes. Well-proven massage hoops with special built-in balls. Such sports devices create a double massage effect.

Jumping rope

Jump rope just must be in the Arsenal of any girl who is trying to get rid of cellulite. This elementary «mini-simulator», when properly used, allows you to strengthen the lymph flow and blood flow, burn a huge amount of calories and, of course, get rid of extra pounds. The main thing is to choose the right size of the rope, which will correspond to the growth.

Jumping rope

Start cardio training with a jump rope with 10-15 minutes of jumping at a very slow pace. Gradually bring the duration of the session to half an hour. Combine strength training with cardio. This approach will help to remove excess fat and create a relief that is not spoiled by orange peel.