Beauty is not about sacrifice, it’s about time. Best beauty tips. The more of it, the better for you. Yes, the reality is cruel: nails and lips do not know how to paint themselves, the cream itself can not be smeared on the face, and the hair will not be able to lay itself on its own.

But what a sin to conceal, not every woman is ready for an hour or two to Wake up early to the morning to the point of destination to arrive in full regalia. And each of us knows what cosmetic problems are, for which time is sorely lacking.

We have collected a whole collection of useful lazy tips that will help you become beautiful with minimal time and look great all day long. Best beauty tips. Sleep longer, it is very useful.


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Tips for using makeup

1) for plump lips

for plump lips

Add peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss to make them look more voluminous and attractive. Remember that you only need to add a few drops to get the desired result. Bonus: the minty-fresh breath and a kiss to inviting lips.

2) for long-lasting lipstick action

for plump lips

In order to keep the color of lipstick on your lips as long as possible, do the following trick: after applying lipstick, remove the excess with a napkin, gently blotting your lips, then use your fingers to apply colorless powder through a napkin. This trick will greatly extend the shelf life of your lip color.

3) For beautiful facial expression

For beautiful facial expression

Never forget to «fill in» your eyebrows. Eyebrows frame your face perfectly, so be sure they always look good, even if you’re in a hurry. After filling your eyebrows with pencil or powder, blend the result a little with your fingers to give your eyebrows a natural appeal.

4) For perfect complexion

For perfect complexion

Never check the color of the Foundation on your hand. Remember that on the wrists and hands, the skin tone is not the same as on the face, so the best way to check whether the color suits you or not is to apply concealer to the neck. Believe me, choosing the right shade will significantly save you time when in the morning in a hurry you will apply the tool.

5) for matte effect on nails

for matte effect on nails

Save your money, do not buy matte nail coatings, make them yourself! Just add a little cornstarch to the usual glossy varnish, and it’s all in the hat! Best beauty tips.

Beauty tips

6) to rid the face of age spots and pimples

Apply Greek yogurt to problem areas and let dry for 20 minutes. As a result, your acne will pass faster, and age spots will become less noticeable. The combination of lactic acid, probiotics and fats is the perfect tandem to reduce inflammation and relieve redness.

7) for rested lips

for rested lips

And did you know that in addition to the fact that tea soothes and banishes anxiety, it is still very useful for your lips? When you make yourself a Cup of tea, apply a sachet or tea leaves in a cloth to your lips to moisturize them and protect them from cracking.

8) To dry your hair quickly

To dry your hair quickly

After the shower, use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel, it will absorb all the excess moisture much faster.

9) To hide dark circles under the eyes

To hide dark circles under the eyes

This may not be exactly beauty advice, but there are days when you really want your dark circles under your eyes to be seen without the use of concealer. Massive glasses to help you! Dark glasses combined with red lipstick, and you are fully armed.

Life hacks on beauty

10) For beautiful nails

For beautiful nails

Grown manicure looks disgusting, however, each of us faced with the fact that not always had time to adjust it in time. Especially if the nails are long-lasting coverage. Try at the base of the nail to apply varnish with large sequins, so you doterpite to the nail salon, and the nails will look good.

11) Too dark Foundation

Too dark Foundation

To bring it closer to the color of your skin, simply dilute it with a facial moisturizer. This same trick can be used when your Foundation is too dense and thick.

12) To soften the skin on the feet

To soften the skin on the feet

The ideal solution to this problem for the lazy is warm socks and oily cream or vaseline. Apply the product, put on socks and go to bed. In the morning you can even put on sandals. There is also a great technique that will save you from dry skin of the legs and the whole body.

Every day before the shower, massage the whole body with a special brush with natural bristles. This will help to gently get rid of dead skin particles, make the skin elastic.

13) Face mask + shower

Face mask + shower

Careful care takes a lot of time and requires attention. In order not to spend a lot of time on face masks, do all the procedures during the shower. Apply the mask and take care of the body, the right time will pass, the mask will work, and you will wash it off.

14) For lip augmentation

Для увеличения губ

Visually enlarge the lips will help you Nude concealer in pencil or Nude lip pencil. Paint over the middle of the lips with a pencil, then blend the borders so that the corners of the color passes into the color of the lips. Apply a colorless gloss.

15) For skin health

For skin health

If every evening you will do a micropilling immediately after cleansing the skin, in the long term you will save and regenerating resources of your skin, and money for salon cleaning. And all because this peeling enhances the effect of night cream and effectively fights with different skin troubles, like blackheads.

It is proved that soft and purified skin is freed from dead skin particles, interacts better with creams. To Polish the skin, without spending money on peels, you can grind in a coffee grinder Hercules groats.

For those who are lazy and do not want to spend a lot of time on the guidance of beauty and was invented this sponge. No wonder he won the hearts of thousands of makeup artists. With it, the application of Foundation on the face is simplified at times and creates a flawless coverage. Its main advantage is time saving. With it, you will make the perfect tone in 2-3 minutes.

The beauty blender is also ideal for blending cream blush and highlighter. This makes it a universal means of beauty.